From Formula 1 teams to PCV coach repaints to water purification plants for 3rd world countries, if it’s a PCV, fit on or be pulled behind a tractor unit then we can repair, modify or paint it.

We have recently painted the trailers for two current Formula 1 teams, which is a highly time critical demanding job where the quality has to be top notch and the presentation finish like glass.

Remaining with the race car theme we convert UK spec double deck trailers (circa 4.88M) to European spec (4.0M). Recent ones we have converted have been 2008 ex Comet trailers that we have dropped the roof by 880mm along with modifying the tail lift to accommodate the uplift of a Porsche race car. This and the introduction of side doors, internal ramps, side skirts etc. all expertly painted to the customers requirements.

One customer approached us recently to see if we could convert 20ft and 40ft shipping containers to water purification plants that have been shipped to 3rd world countries. This entails the completed lining and insulating of the inner surfaces, with a complete repaint throughout. Often the containers are delivered back to back and using our two 10T overhead cranes we are able to freely move the containers around our workshops.

We undertake restoration of vintage trucks that our customers wish to use for show pieces at commercial shows or at their head offices. This is fraught with many differing challenges, not least the supply of parts. If it can’t be sourced then we have the skill to manufacture or overcome.

One growing area is the Coach rebrand / repaint market. With more and more people reviewing their holiday requirements the demand for coaches has been seen to increase. Repairing and painting Commercial and Private coaches has often lead to the rebranding to the sponsors requirements.